Classes and Events

Tune Your Practitioner Vibe

with Debbie Littrell Ventura

In this 90-minute live forum for bioenergetic health practitioners, we explore the emerging 21st century view of health and wellness, and the evolving roles of therapists and practitioners as technology and access to information expands.

Zoom online meeting link provided upon registration.

Classes starting late summer 2017

Tune Your Inner Vibe

with Debbie Littrell Ventura

We are amazing, adaptive beings! Countless stories of spontaneous healing have been passed around for millennia – perhaps this potential is accessible to everyone, all the time. In this special private gathering, we’ll explore what healing is, how it happens, and dive into the wonders of 21st century wellness.

Limited to existing clients only.

Zoom online meeting details provided upon registration.

Sonic Geometry at the Integratron

Eric Rankin’s Sonic Geometry experienced live through sound frequency in the Integratron. June 3, 2017 - Landers, California